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Then, welcome to the world of Dorian Paul, where characters engage with their situation and each other on their own terms.  We cheer them on because, whether for good or bad, they are self-possessed, brainy, exceptional, and free of the dictates of political correctness.


The characters in Risking the World use their talents and grit according to their beliefs and wield science using molecules bioengineered on a molecular level in an attempt to wreak or stop terror using a killer TB aimed at kids.  Don't be fooled about the science.  It's real . . . and as essential today in keeping one step ahead of germ warfare as when the Tartars hurled plague-ravaged bodies over the walls of besieged cities.


In Zero Emissions a flashy auto entrepreneur partners with an unconventional lawyer to patent the Holy Grail of energy, a gas that burns clean. They find themselves in a dangerous game whose players include the mafia, CIA, and a former KGB agent.  Agendas clash without concern for the losers . . . until death and a child's kidnapping supercharge the stakes. Will green energy have to take a backseat?  Hold onto your hat! 


Crossing Paths takes a turn from science into contemporary fiction.  The owner of an English country house seeks to keep it in private hands with the help of an American fundraiser on the run from blackmail.  When tragedy strikes, the new heir and fundraiser have competing needs, and a growing attraction that forces choices.  Will revelations about their pasts allow a balance between responsibility and passion in the face of a deadly incident? 


Join the world of Dorian Paul and take a trip with a Dorian Paul novel you're unlikely to forget. Enjoy the voyage!

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